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PUREDEW (RED) AAA Alkaline with ORP+Active Copper+RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Dispenser Machine

PUREDEW RO UV UF Alkaline TDS Adjuster Electric Water Purifier contains Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Membrane: Ro Membrane, UF Membrane, UV Chamber, TDS Adjuster. Pre Filter in RO Filter Purifier removes big particles Impurities from water. Sediment Filter in Water Purifier removes Dust and Sediment Impurities From Water. Carbon Filter in Water Purifier removes Chlorine, Bromine and Odour From Water. Ro Membrane in Water Purifier removes Dissolved Impurities From Water. UF Membrane in Water Purifier removes Bacteria, Cyst From Water. UV LED in RO Water Purifier Kills Bacteria And virus from water. This Machine Active Alkaline Water Purifier is best water purifier filter & water softener with UV light & 7L Water Tank along with supreme grade ro motor water booster pump machine (Flow Rate:- 12 L/hr) & Automatic Water Level Sensor Meter.

PUREDEW 300 Gpd Pump For Ro Water Purifier Booster Pump

Suitable for all major Water purifier brand like kent, aquagurd, Pureit etc Equipped with high power dc motor with low noise, low vibration Suitable for25/50/100/150 Liter RO Water Purifier Resistance to acids, alkalis and adhesion and easily fixed and removed Excellent self-suction capability,high precision ball bearings